Check out the radio show, "KMC Vibes," Courtesy of Blackan Radio

Grand Finale w/Danny Echo & Katie Rox
KMC 2011 was a great success with music, dancing, comedy, orchestras high school bands, and lots of networking and communication.
A big THANKS to the KMC Staff! Let's do it again next year!!


(9/10) As event co-founder for The Iwate Orphans fundraiser in Toronto, our KMC Canada rep. helped to raise $8,000 which was sent to the Iwate Hope Learning Fund.
Thank you Hisa!!

(6/9) KMC 2009 Showcase artist Francesco Crosara has released his live documentary: Kurama - A Night in Japan, filmed live in Osaka and directed by KMC presenter Aaron Walker.

(6/8) For anyone interested in 2010 music sales in Japan, the annual sales report is out. See it here RIAJ 2010

(6/7) For people in the Tokyo area, KMC partner, "getstage" will introduce KMC live on Chiba TV, June 10 from 18:15!

(4/19) The charity event was a success and we collected 38,650yen in donations and 8 bags of clothing which will be delivered directly to people in the affected areas.
Thanks to everyone for your support!

(2/21) The KMC Haiti Charity Weekend (2/11-13) raised approx. $650 in donations which have now been sent to the Clinton, Bush Haiti Fund as a contribution. Haiti still needs our help!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make KMC 2010 a great success! See the Program here. Expect KMC 2011 (9.16-19) to continue Building Bridges With Music in Japan.

Interview with KMC Organizer & Executive Chair (Aug. 2010)