9/17(Fri)-9/20(Mon), Osaka, Japan


KMC 2010

KMC 2010 was all about cooperation. With over 20 promotional events leading up to the conference, co-sponsorship by the Osaka Museum of History and a combined effort on the part of the executive committee and the sponsors, KMC 2010 saw a 240% increase in participation from 2009. Musicians from 5 continents participated in panel discussions, presentations, workshops and live performances for an unforgettable weekend. (see KMC 2010 program)

As a concept shaped to work in the unique culture that is Japan, KMC is designed for globally minded musicians, companies and organizations that are involved in the music industry. There were representatives from NPO's, international exchange associations, independent labels and distributors, promoters, booking agents and event organizers among others that were either involved in planning or actively participating in the conference.

There are many established international music events in Japan, but few have the ability to reach people living outside of Japan and even fewer have the structure to create an event openly recruiting musicians from foreign countries to participate. As an annual, intercontinental music event, KMC has become a bridge for musicians and the independent music industry in Japan.

KMC events always put a big emphasis on how to promote, network and market music in the Japanese music scene because few musicians understand how to navigate the Japanese market (even Japanese musicians) due to the cultural differences and tight control of the industry. A second focus is the introduction of traditional music from various cultures. International exchange through music has become a very effective way to learn about the music that we hear around us everyday.

Osaka City, (photo: F. Crosara)

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