KMC Opening Party - 2015/9/18 (FRI)

With a reputation of featuring some of the top artists of the conference, the KMC opening party has developed into a must attend event and a great way for KMC attendees to start things off.
All KMC attendees can come and enjoy a great atmosphere of music and cultural exchange, receive conference programs, KMC passes, goodiebags and have a chance to network with music fans, other artists, KMC staff and industry reps.

Live Performances - 9/19 (SAT)

VENUES: The Blarney Stone Shinsaibashi (Osaka), IZNT (Kobe), Art House (Kobe)
Musicians selected to perform at KMC will have chance to play their music to fellow musicians, music fans and other invited guests. In the past, these performances have been at shopping centers, live clubs, restaurants, hotels, dance clubs and other venues located in the downtown Osaka and Kobe areas.
Performances usually start from 5:00pm and have between 3 to 8 acts performing at each venue, which gives KMC artists an evening to network and meet other bands, make new fans and enjoy the local unique Kansai music scene on a Saturday night.

Music Conference & Festival - 9/20 (SUN)

VENUES: Osaka Museum of History, The Blarney Stone Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Studio 246 (Osaka), IZNT (Kobe)
Musicians from different countries will display their native music and culture with workshops & presentations in different conference rooms as well as doing live performances on the main stage at the conference venue.
All daytime events are free and open to the general public to join any of the scheduled workshops and enjoy live music.
There will also be a comedy show with traditional Japanese storytelling in English, called rakugo.
In the evening, KMC Artists will participate in another round of live musical performances in venues in the Osaka and Kobe areas.

Music Conference & Festival - 9/21 (MON)

VENUES: Canadian Academy (Rokko Island, Kobe),IZNT
With a specific focus on promotion, musicianship, music related products, etc. this day will feature workshops & presentations by companies and individuals in the music industry. KMC related partners and businesses will do demos and offer advice to musicians looking to improve themselves and their careers.
In the evening, KMC Artists will participate in a final round of live musical performances in one venue in Osaka and one in Kobe.

Final Seminar & KMC Awards Ceremony - 9/22 (TUE)

For the final day of the conference there will be a luncheon and final presentation during the day. The evening will represent the closing of the conference with the KMC Awards Ceremony. This will be an opportunity for KMC to recognize outstanding artists and presenters who participated in conference events. The evening will also feature performances by special guest musicians.