9/16 (FRI)

The Stone That Burns

Stellar Addiction

The Xandra Corpora Band

VENUE: Hard Rock Cafe Osaka - Starts from 19:00 / Free entry

With a reputation of featuring some of the top artists of the conference, the KMC opening party has developed into a must attend event and a great way for KMC attendees to start things off.
KMC attendees as well as music fans of all types can come and enjoy a great atmosphere of music, first from the Kyoto based band, The Stone That Burns, followed by Stellar Addiction from Australia and finally The Xandra Corpora Band from Nagoya. Also participants can meet other musicians for cultural exchange, receive conference programs and promotional goods. We will also be having the first of two networking sessions where attendees get a chance to exchange contact information and CDs, etc with other artists, KMC staff and industry reps.
So get some business cards made and get ready to start KMC 2016 off with some good music and good communication.
Networking starts from 19:00 / Music starts from 19:30.
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9/17 (SAT)

VENUE: IZNT - Starts from 19:00 / Free entry

For this year's artist interview, the monthly magazine "Life in Kansai" will be interviewing the up-and-coming Xandra Corpora Band from Nagoya.
Following the interview, there will be a brief networking session for audience members to meet with the band members and get autographed copies of their new CD.

The Xandra Corpora Band

The Xandra Corpora Band is a trio from Nagoya, bending the genres of soul, funk, blues and R&B into a wide array of original music. They have been captivating audiences with their emotional live show and providing a visceral musical experience as they travel across Japan to share their music.
After entering the Hard Rock Rising 2016 band competition they won the final round to become the representative band for Hard Rock Cafe Osaka in 2016.
They have also released their first full length CD "Soul Fires" in July, 2016 for sale online and at their live shows.
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VENUE: IZNT - Starts from 21:00 / Free entry

Petra Jarrar


With live music every Sat. night, this evening will feature KMC Petra Jarrar from the US followed by Osaka musicians collective Menfromarz!

VENUE: Art House - Starts from 18:00 / 2000 yen

Chased By Ghost of Hyde Park

One World Tribe


Art House is a live music club (4 min. walk north from IZNT) that occasionally has bands from overseas performing. This night will have a total of about 6 bands on the bill.

VENUE: Bistro New Orleans - Starts from 20:00 / Free entry

Guillermo Otero

Divina Supernova


There will be a very international flavor happening at Bistro New Orleans in downtown Osaka, with good food and good music!
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VENUE: Royal Horse - Starts from 12:30 / 2500 yen

Carito Plaza

Yumi Godsey & Rowdy Friends

There will be a matinee performance in Osaka at the famous jazz club, Royal Horse in Umeda, with Carito Plaza and Yumi Godsey with her Rowdy Friends.

VENUE: Always Umeda - Starts from 19:30 / 2500 yen

Halley's Tail

Out of Dust

In the evening, performing at another jazz club in Umeda will be Halley's Tail from Tokyo and the improv combo, Out of Dust from Osaka.

VENUE: IZNT - Starts from 19:00 / Free entry


Jake Iwatani

Ge Anderson

Gina Williams

In Kobe there will be performers singing gospel, pop and rock as the conference comes to a close.
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