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Welcome to Japan!

The music scene in Japan is unique in many ways and if you want to know more about it, you've come to the right place!
With the continual theme of "Building Bridges with Music," KMC has been creating a global community of artists, fans and industry to introduce music & culture to the Japanese market since 2009.
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KMC 2022

The next KMC will be held in Osaka from Sept. 16-18 with live performances, networking sessions and seminars. There will also be a KMC Online that will continue . . .

Projects Underway

KMC is excited to present the first confirmed artist collaboration project between a Finnish singer/songwriter and a Japanese psychedelic guitarist . . .

Collaborate Online

What is the best way to communicate and collaborate with Japanese artists? How to proceed smoothly, without communication lapses or misunderstandings on what you'd like to do and . . .

KMC 2022 Featured Artists

  • Light, Energy, Tranquility

GEA (Finland) - Uusikuu

GEA is an artist, composer and producer whose goal is to connect people with their inner light.
Been Through It
  • Unique Hip Hop

Legrand (US) - Been Through It

With a socially conscious personality, Legrand takes a unique approach to making hip-hop music.
  • Multi-Instrumentalist

Jake Murdoch (Australia) - Mr. Cakes Got The Blues

Jake is a 12 year old multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who released a debut EP in 2021.
  • Atmospheric

Ero Seagull (Greece) - Doin' Our Game

Ero Seagull released her debut album "Evolution" with Amour Records and EMI Universal.
  • Jazz/Fusion

Paradise League (Sweden) - Game Boy Color

Paradise League plays music inspired by western and Japanese groups from the 70's and 80's.
  • Pianist & Composer

Pau Viguer (Spain) - Paseoporlavida

Pau has won awards, performed on TV and lead the group Pau Viguer Trio for more than 12 years.