Performing in Japan Pt. 2:
Touring & Networking

This webinar focuses on the different types of venues and events that indie artists can perform at in Japan as well as how to book those types of gigs. It also sheds some light on the importance of relationships and how learning Japanese can help to further those relationships.
The areas covered are:
- Live houses (live clubs)
- Booking a DIY tour
- Local festivals
- Charity events & fundraisers
- Open mics
- Renting out a venue
- Bars/cafes/music bars
- Contests/other events
- Busking

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Presenter: Hannah Rebekah

Hannah Rebekah is an American indie-folk singer-songwriter, who had been house sitting her way around the world until COVID hit.
While in Japan from 2009-2013, she played shows in many areas of the country, at times even hitchhiking from show to show! In 2018, she came back to Japan and performed at a festival and a show in Nagasaki. She has her music selling on Japanese streaming sites and is very familiar with Japanese music culture. She loves the people, the culture and speaks the language, so she is very much looking forward to the time when she can once again perform in a place that she holds very dear to her heart.