Panel Discussion
"Performing in Japan Pt. 3: The Latin Influence"

Panelists: Juan Shibuya, Esteban Pérez Ortega, Ernesto Duboy

Panelists will look at the Japanese music scene from their own experiences as performers of Latin Music.
The discussion will cover the following topics:
- Latin Music in Japan
- Marketing your image and getting exposure
- Collaborating with Latin artists and Japanese artists
- Support for Latin artists performing in Japan

Vivian Hernaez (Moderator)

Originally from Manila, Philippines, singer and performer and recording artist Vivian Hernaez migrated to Tokushima and began performing as a jazz vocalist at events and festivals around Japan. She has also worked as a model for products and television commercials.

Esteban Pérez Ortega

Manager, producer, tour manager and lighting designer. Esteban Pérez has been working within the music industry as an international delegate participating in conferences and meetings around the world, developing collaborative strategies and partnerships to promote cultural exchange and musicians' mobility around the globe.
He is the co-director and co-founder of Chile-Asia Connect, a non-profit organization that aims to promote artistic & cultural initiatives to strengthen ties between Chile and the Asian continent

Ernesto Duboy

Ernesto Duboy is a Chilean musician and producer. He is a member of the band "Mareo!" with whom he toured Japan for a month in 2019. He is also an associate producer at "Raio estudio popular" in Santiago de Chile. Ernesto has toured Japan with different artists on three occasions and is already planning an upcoming tour with his current band Mareo!