What is KMC?

KMC [kay-em-see] (n)
1: An annual event that brings people together under the common theme of "Building Bridges With Music."
2: A global community of multi-genre musicians, professionals, and music fans with an active interest in the the greater Osaka/Kansai area.

Building Bridges

KMC has established itself as a global annual event that musicians look forward to joining, a year or more in advance.
Since its inception, KMC has also been focused on building an international community of artists, industry and music fans for the purpose of collaboration, cultural awareness and artistic inspiration.

KMC Online

Having successfully completed the first online KMC in 2020, the KMC Executive Board is looking to further develop the virtual aspect of KMC as well; to become both an in-person event as well as a virtual event for musicians and music fans interested in the Japanese market.

KMC 2009 - 2019

See the programs from past conferences.

KMC Executive Board

Duane Levi

Production & Overall Planning


Alexander Michaelson

Communications & Planning


Junya Okabe

Translation & Interpreting


Minori Tashiro

Promotion & Recruitment (Kansai)

David Whitaker

Promotion & Recruitment (Tokyo)


Ivan Martinez

Photography / Videography