When: Sept. 18 @ 12:00 (JST)

Place: Business Innovation Center Osaka, 6th floor & Online

Language: English

Fee: None

Did you know that Osaka will host the next World Expo? Six months of visitors from around the world coming to Osaka to experience the future!
So as a performing artist with an interest in Japan and also looking for create ways to get exposure, how can you get connected with an opportunity like this?? . . . Get the answers here!!

KMC is now registered as a TEAM EXPO 2025 Programme/ Co-Creation Partner (See the Press release), and as such, KMC plans to reach out to artists who promote SDGs, and introduce them to other co-creation partners, such as small and medium-sized companies, associations and organizations, to create activities and events that promote the awareness of SDGs in the build-up for the 2025 Expo.
This will be an informal session to talk about how you can get involved!!

Presenter: Duane Levi

As the executive director of KMC, Duane has been networking and establishing contacts with company directors, managers and organizations that are interested in promoting SDGs.
Now having registered KMC as a TEAM EXPO 2025 Programme/ Co-Creation Partner, KMC brings a very unique approach to raising awareness and creating partnerships centered around SDGs.