KMC Music Awards

What is a KMC Music Award?

Bringing attention to professional independent musicians who have developed themselves and their talents to a level that deserves recognition and congratulation, KMC and related partners annually present them with a "KMC Music Award." These awards are not only intended to celebrate and promote great music and musicians, but also to promote diversity and creativity in the Japanese music scene.

Who is eligible?

With the support of affiliated organizations, KMC Music Awards will be presented to KMC artists who show or have shown that they are real "musicians," not just playing music, but living it with a passion. Eligible musicians for this year must have performed at, or participated in any KMC event between May 2012 - May 2013. Recipients are not restricted by musical genres, background or native culture.

Is there a ceremony?

The KMC 2013 Music Awards ceremony was held on September 20th at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka during the KMC Opening Party.

Award categories

Building Bridges Awards
Given to artists who have shown a true interest in developing international relationships through music and live performances. These artists use their music and musical ability to foster cultural understanding while simultaneously increasing their fan bases. (selected by the KMC Executive Board)
The nominees for 2013 were:
Maiko Ito / LaTonya Whitaker / Hidesetsuhiro Fujimoto / Ken Totushek / Cassandra Peake / Blackuro
The winners were Maiko Ito & Ken Totushek

Hiram Bullock Music Award
In memory of Osaka born guitarist, Hiram Bullock (9/11/1955 - 7/25/2008), this award is given to the artist who, like Hiram, shows dedication to their musical career and strives to work with musicians regardless of musical genres. They also show encouragement and support for new activities and opportunities created by others.
(selected by the family of Hiram Bullock)
The nominees for 2013 were:
Ryouhei Arata / Katya / Nature Airliner
The winner was Ryouhei Arata

Best Band Award
Presented to a band that despite barriers like "pay to play," expensive rehearsal studio time and a "real job," among others, has continued performing regularly and shows no sign of stopping. They are devoted to their music and to the diversity of the music scene in Japan. (selected by the KMC Executive Board)
The nominees for 2013 were:
Life Under (eN) / La Nota / Davina Robinson
The winner was Davina Robinson

Performer of the Year Award
Presented to a band or artist from the list below that knows how to entertain the audience. They have a large fan base and have shown that they know how to develop, keep and satisfy their fans with recorded music, regular communication and great live performances that leave audiences wanting more.
(voted on by the general public from July 5th - 20th, 2013 through getstage)
The winner was Johnny Alegre.