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If selected, I agree to pay for all expenses related to my participation at KMC and that KMC will not be responsible for my transportation and/or lodging arrangements.

Please write the link for the site (Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation) and the names of the songs that you would like for us to consider. Or you can send 2 MP3 song files to the following e-mail address and write the names of each song here as well as on the e-mail.

**For artists outside of Japan only**
1. Have you ever performed in Japan before? If yes, when?

2. Do you have professionally recorded songs for sale or available for download?

3. Do you have music for sale in Japan or selling on Japanese websites?
If so, do you have approximate numbers?

4. Do you have any standing criminal convictions?
If yes, immigration will not permit entry so please do not apply.

5. Do you have any special needs for a live performance? (wireless mic, visual effects, elevator, access ramps, etc.)

6. Name at least 2 things that you know about the music scene in 21st century Japan?

7. How did you find out about KMC?

8. What is your main reason for wanting to attend KMC?