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Welcome to Japan!

Since 2009, KMC has created a community of artists, fans and industry, to introduce music & culture to the Japanese market while also creating a global KMC network. Offering promotion and exposure in Japan to musicians, and quality entertainment to music fans, KMC is a unique experience.

KMC 2021 Online

With the uncertainty of what will happen globally in 2021, KMC will continue to build bridges with the conference being held again as an online event from Sept. 17 - 19.
Watch highlights from KMC 2020 below!
Applications to perform will be accepted on this site from Jan. 15 - Mar. 15.

KMC 2020 Featured Bands

  • 19 Sept
  • Live Streamed
  • KMC 2020

Mercury Machine - Broken Live

Mercury Machine is a four member Dark Electro band from Manchester, UK with a sound that combines synthesizers, guitars and indie attitude. This song is from their live streamed performance in September at KMC 2020.
  • 19 Sept
  • Live Streamed
  • KMC 2020

Gunned Down Horses - Bride Only

Gunned Down Horses is a band from Israel that mixes the various influences of chanson and caberet with their own style of rock. This song is from their live streamed performance in September at KMC 2020.
  • New CD
  • Transit Hakkei
  • Sept. 2020

AINAKANNA - Chanson Girl

AINAKANNA is a Tokyo-based piano & drums duo that plays a mixture of western rock and J-pop. This song the English version from their new CD released in September.
  • 20 Sept
  • Live Streamed
  • KMC 2020

Couple Coffee - Conversa de Botequim

Couple Coffee is a duo based in Portugal that performs a unique style of jazz with merely vocals and bass guitar. This song is from their live streamed performance in September at KMC 2020.

KMC Success Stories



Katya performed in Japan annually from 2012-2019 and used the experiences as opportunities to boost her career at home with big concert apperances and an opening slot for Queesryche.



Quality & Excellence

For every year that it was held in Japan, a KMC Artist won the Hard Rock Cafe band contest, Hard Rock Rising. So as a performer at KMC, you'll be among some of the best independent musicians around.




Meet the right people and make the right connections and good things will happen! King George from Australia was able to connect with D'Addario in Japan for an endorsement for their performances.

KMC Vibes

KMC Vibes is a talk show featuring musicians from various countries that are interested in exposure to Japanese music fans.