Conference Schedule
Sept. 14 - 16


Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Osaka
Door charge: Free / Start @ 21:00

With a reputation of featuring some of the top artists of the conference, the KMC opening party has developed into a must attend event and a great way for KMC attendees to start things off.
Last year's party drew a record size audience and we're expecting this year to be even better because Hard Rock Cafe Osaka opened at its current location in Hommachi on 2001, Sept. 14, so they will have a big celebration in conjunction with KMC. Musical guests for the evening will be Japanese singer/songwriter COSTA, Gaelle Buswsel from France, and French Antonio from the US. So don't miss this exciting party to start off KMC 2018!!



Gaelle Buswel


French Antonio


LIVE MUSIC - SEPT. 15 (Sat.)

Kobe: Art House
Door charge: 1,700 yen /2,200 yen + 300 yen (1 drink) / Start @ 18:00

Since 2013, KMC has joined with Arthouse to help Japanese and non-Japanese musicians communicate through music by combining about 7 local and foreign bands to play together for an evening of unique sounds and friendly vibes. (8 min. walk from Hankyu and JR stations in Sannomiya)

Kenichi Yamasaki


French Antonio


Lauren Spike


LIVE MUSIC - SEPT. 15 (Sat.)

Kitahorie, Osaka: Club Vijon
Door charge: 600 yen (1 drink) / Start @ 16:30

There will be a total of 7 acts performing at Club Vijon, near Shinsaibashi. It will be a wide variety of music from ambient and dream pop to punk rock. A great chance to see musicians from different countries playing on the same stage!



Yasuho Matsuda




Lauren Spike


Ayniw Tepo




King George


Kitahorie, Osaka: Bistro New Orleans
Door charge: Free / Start @ 19:30

Around the corner from Club Vijon is Bistro New Orleans, a restaurant that serves great food from the American South and supports the Osaka music scene with live music on weekends. There will be performances by singer/songwriters and an African percussion group for the evening's entertainment.

Hideto Matsuura


Darcy Staddon




Kitahorie, Osaka: Hills Pan Kojo
Door charge: 1500 yen / Start @ 16:30

On the next block over from Club Vijon and Bistro New Orleans, Hills PanKojyo is a nice venue with a great PA and atmosphere. There will be 7 acts on stage performing various styles from jazz and reggae to pop and rock. We are looking forward to spreading good international vibes around Kitahorie, a progressive area in downtown Osaka.



Meet Me Saturday




Group Libertad


Used Police Car


(South Korea)

Zangetsu no Yaiba



Venue: Business Innovation Center Osaka, 5th floor

Networking Event, 10:30 - 11:30 / Rm. E, 5th fl.
Registered attendees are invited to meet with members of the Japanese music industry, presenters and other musicians to exchange business cards and make connections. (light refreshments will be available)
Industry reps invited to attend: Jett Edwards (producer, singer/songwriter, bassist), Steve Ulicny (D'Addario), Duane Levi (Shalestone Music), Alexander Michaelson (Empire Entertainment), Harumi Masugo (writer), Tetsuya Oishi (Flamingo RECORDS), Eric Wiegmann (Tycoon Percussion), Tomohiro Yasukawa (Hard Rock Cafe Universal Citywalk Osaka), Keiko Nagano (CFlat Language Cafe & rental space), Deron Reynolds (singer, songwriter), Amir Oosman (pro drummer), Universal Studios Japan - Entertainment Dept. Mike McHugh (Creative Team Vocal/Music Director), Norico Wada (Assistant Manager, Casting Team), Hideo Ogi (Local Audition Coordinator, Casting Team) among others.


In the afternoon seminars and workshops open to the general public and covering various topics will be held for anyone who is interested in attending.

Duane Levi(Shalestone Music, CEO)
Sound Advice (Language: Jp.)
12:00 - 13:00 / Rm. E, 5th fl.
With a focus on vocalists and lead singers, Duane Levi will be providing information and advice about proper microphone use and how to select an appropriate microphone for different types of voices.
Also, with the support of Miki Gakki in Americamura, anyone interested in buying either an Electro Voice or Audio Technica vocal mic can receive a Miki Gakki discount coupon after the seminar!

Yasuho Matsuda (Singer/songwriter, dancer)
Dance Workshop (Language: Jp.)
14:00 - 15:00 / Rm. E, 5th fl.
Courtesy of Flamingo Records, Yasuho will be using the video of her original song, "I'm Kansaijin" to teach dance moves and the choreography involved in developing her dance moves, followed by a practice with workshop participants.

Johnny Alegre (Jazz Guitarist)
Guitar Seminar: "A Jazz Improv Experience" (Language: Eng.)
15:30 - 16:30 / Rm. E, 5th fl.
This seminar will focus on Jazz Improv techniques for both beginners and seasoned musicians, providing an overview that can be used to create smooth creative guitar solos.

Deron Reynolds

(Producer, Singer/songwriter)
Singer/songwriter Seminar (Language: Eng. / Jp.)
13:30 - 14:30 / Rm. B, 5th fl.
Osaka based singer/singwriter, Deron Reynolds will be doing a seminar for musicians and songwriters by writing a song during the session while explaining the process, taking ideas from participants and answering questions.

Mark Markin (Concert & Tour Organizer)
KMC Interactive: "Now's your chance to play in Russia!!" (Language: Eng.)
15:00 - 15:30 / Rm. B, 5th fl.
Through established KMC connections, Japanese musicians now have an opportunity to perform in Moscow, Ulyanovsk and other cities. Via live streaming, Mark will explain more about this unique opportunity as well as give some details about KMC Artist, Ilu Grace, that just did a tour there this past June.

Amir Oosman(Career musician)
"Ableton Live: Looping, Improvisation and Rudimental Applications" (Language: Eng. / Jp.)
13:30 - 14:45 / Rm. A, 5th fl.
Courtesy of D'Addario, drummer Amir Oosman from the US will explain how he uses Ableton Live to write songs, record and play live.

Jett Edwards
(Producer, Singer/songwriter)

Yumi Godsey
(Career musician, Singer/songwriter)
Panel discussion: "Playing Music in Japan" (Language: Eng.)
Moderator: Alex Michaelson (Empire Entertainment)
15:15 - 16:30 / Rm. A, 5th fl.
This will be a panel made up of 2 veteran musicians that have lived and toured both in Japan and overseas and they will be discussing the main differences between performing in Japan and in other countries, mainly the US. They will also talk about how they promote their music and live performances in Japan as well as take some questions from the audience.

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