Performing in Japan:

Now that live music in Japan is regaining momentum with big summer concerts returning and people going out more, what's the live club scene like for indie musicians? Over the past 2 years many live clubs have either closed, changed ownership or switched to a hybrid approach by doing both in-person and online shows. So how has this changed the club scene and what should overseas acts do to adjust?
This webinar explains how the live music scene for indie musicians and live venues has changed since 2020, with direct quotes from musicians and venue managers themselves. It also provides suggestions and advice on how artists overseas looking to tour in Japan should adjust their approach to adapt to these changes.

Presenter: Duane Levi

Executive director of KMC, and founder of Shalestone Music, a Japan-based music and talent agency, Duane has over 30 years of experience in the music business, with 18 of those years in Japan. His company has booked performances and tours for hundreds of musicians over the years, both Japanese and non-Japanese. Some high profile contracts include Nankai Swissotel and Hard Rock Cafe Osaka among many others.
Having written a book about the Japanese music scene in 2014, he has continued to expand on that knowledge and continues to share it with musicians based overseas through the "Performing in Japan" series.